Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

The NHS states, overweight can increase the risks of diabetes, heart disease and
strokes.  Some people are happy how they feel and look but many are not and some go
in for fad yoyo diets.  There is so much information that for some it is confusing to the
point of not doing anything.

 The truth is most of us know how to diet, it is the motivation and stickability that we lack.
At Silsden Clinic we have various ways to help with motivation but among the most
popular is the gastric band technique where we fit an imaginary gastric band under
hypnosis that has all the attributes of a real one without the surgery. It can be adjusted
at subsequent sessions.  It is a simply way to get to the right weight for you and to stay
in control so you never yo-yo again.  The Gastric Band hypnotherapy is usually done over three sessions which costs £350.

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